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Timothy Spall
more than just a pretty face!
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Welcome to the LJ community for fans of actor Timothy Spall! Anyone is welcome to view and reply to posts, but only members may post new entries. To become a member, simply click the "Join this community" link at the top of the page (don't forget to log in to your LJ account). At present, replies by non-LJ users are allowed, but your IP address will be logged. It would be great if you'd sign your name as well, but why not start your own journal instead; it's fun!

Currently, this journal is designated for all ages. (The alternative makes it a real hassle to view posts.) However, as many of Mr. Spall's movies are rated PG-13 and above and contain mature subject matter--and in interviews he's famous for mixing some "earthy" language in with his otherwise rather eloquent and quotable speech--there may be some discussions that are not suitable for children. (This is true for most LJ fan communities that don't set an age limit, and having tried it out, it's easy to see why they don't.) So let's try to keep the discussion as G-rated as possible here on the front page, and please "hide" more mature/intense or questionable material (along with spoilers) behind a "cut." For you newcomers to LJ, this means you have to click on a link to view the full message. As experienced LJers know, using a cut is also good etiquette for long posts or posts with photos that, with multiple postings on the same page, can make it take forever to load. Alternatively, you have the option to flag "adult concepts" for individual entries via the drop-down menu on the right, below the composition box, which should automatically put your entire entry behind a cut along with a warning.

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For further community guidelines and info, please read the Community Profile. Thanks and let's have fun chatting about one of our favorite actors! :)
29th-Jun-2008 12:15 am - .::ST movie review::.

Now, I guess the title says it all.
My full review of Tim Burton's movie 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' is finally here, across the board. It took me a fairy long time to finish it, it contains a lot of details and comments concerning almost all the scenes (and opinion about the script and acting), so beware! Big spoilers inside!

Enjoy & don't forget to leave comments!

.::No place like London!::.
Keira Knightley (DMC Prem)
8th-May-2008 03:41 am - Spall/Rickman video
Check out this great video combining Peter Pettigrew and Severus Snape (my fave HP characters!) with the actors' Sweeney Todd duet:

PS: May is Peter Pettigrew month on the official Harry Potter 2007-2008 16-month calendar! (I only bought it for the pics of Snape and Pettigrew, so I'm excited!)
spall, pettigrew

Who's your Sweeney Todd boyfriend?

Mine is Beadle Bamford!!

Sleazy, smarmy, sexy! And check out the pimp cane!! Wow. With the hat and the coat and the lace, he sure makes an impression. And, ::sniff:: do I detect a hint of ambergris?
The flirting will be fun, if you don't mind him flirting with everything else that moves. But if it does, you'll just have to figure out a way to keep him coming back for more. Flattery does wonders. Sure worked on you, didn't it?
So, what is it about him that is so irresistible??? Maybe it's because he's really Tim Spall. ^.~
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19th-Mar-2008 12:35 am - Harry Potter film news
By now, I guess everybody has heard that Tim Spall will be reprising his role as Peter Pettigrew not only in The Half-Blood Prince but also in Deathly Hallows (yay!) ... Click here for details and a quote from Tim.

Now it's been announced that Deathly Hallows will be split into two films (click here for the Mugglenet report--warning, the L.A. Times link contains a book spoiler--nothing to do with Pettigrew though). Finally, they're going to do one of the books justice! So ... I wonder where they will divide the story. (Tim could conceivably be in both.) I'm just hoping they use the extra time to put everything in and don't use the second film as an excuse for a giant FX extravaganza a la LOTR3!
13th-Mar-2008 09:26 pm - "Enchanted" on DVD
I just saw a commercial ... Enchanted will be released on DVD this coming Tuesday, March 18!
19th-Feb-2008 07:47 am - Favorite roles
What are your favorite roles that Tim Spall has played and why?
19th-Feb-2008 07:44 am - What Tim Spall movies have you seen?
What Tim Spall movies or shows have you seen so far? And what's on your most-want-to-see list?
19th-Feb-2008 05:21 am - Feedback please
This being a brand-new community, if you have any suggestions on the format, community title, user info, interests or links to be added, or anything else I can improve on, now's the time to make your preferences known! Thanks!

PS: If any suggestions include CSS formatting, please include foolproof instructions as I am CSS illiterate!
18th-Feb-2008 11:53 pm - Greetings!
Welcome to the Timothy Spall fan community. To get things started, please introduce yourself and tell us how you came to be a fan/what you like about Tim Spall.
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